grow muscle and strength with hypnosis by paul clintonBodybuilding Motivation

Muscle Mass, Strength, and Motivation

Why train for several years with little gains, when you can produce dramatic results in just a few months. The muscle has to be shocked into stimulating more growth, and this means squeezing out extra reps, and learning to enjoy the pain. The secret to building muscle mass is split into four main areas:

1. Nutrition: Urge and desire for muscle food

2. Going to maximum on your main sets

3. Natural hormone production: without enough muscle and tissue-building hormones your gains will be minimal

4. Passion for training: this doesn't mean reading mags and chatting with gym mates. You need motivation.


Advantages of the Clinton Method
  • *Over 3.5 hours of hypnosis
  • *No more mental obstacles
  • *Removes any hesitation or negative thoughts
  • *You'll be Focused with sharp, clear thoughts
  • *Improve your energy and stamina
  • *Increase your drive and motivation
  • *Extra reps and harder strength training
  • *Massive Natural Gains
  • *You'll be more enthusiastic and passionate
  • *With the pre-workout mp3 you'll be fully Psyched up.
  • *The visualization programs will give you a mental workout for biceps, triceps, chest, delts, back, and thighs
  • *Muscle and mass building
  • *Powerful strength & extra reps
  • *Suitable for Powerlifters and Female Bodybuilders.
  • *Overcome strength barriers and training plateaus
  • *Muscle growth with extra nitrogen retention
  • *Better pump, more blood to the muscles, to increase the capacity limit of the blood capillaries thus allowing more blood to flood the muscles for size and strength.
  • *Rapid recuperation.
  • *Self belief. Imagine the results, and imagine the performance before the lifting.
  • *Training style and perfect form.
  • *Release and produce more hormones such as hgh, adrenaline, testosterone and endorphins while you train
  • *Better concentration with every set




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Hormones, Testosterone GH release

Enjoy Exercise, Endorphin release, Energy

Workouts: back, biceps, chest, triceps, delts

Pre workout :maximum motivation extra reps

leg workout

Motivation desire to train to hard