Myths about hypnosis

1: Hypnosis is witchcraft or magic

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for therapy and should be respected, unfortunately Hollywood movies have discovered a way to dramatize and to scandalize this excellent method. Stage hypnotism has also turned this amazing science into a ridiculous circus show. Hypnosis has nothing to do with magic or the occult, and is used in hospitals, clinics, and dentists in many countries.

2: Hypnosis can be Dangerous

Your subconscious mind is not totally dominated and you always have your own free will. You are more relaxed and so more open to suggestions, not orders or commands. You are guided into doing something which you know is correct or fun, and you are always willing to carry out. The moment that you think that the hypnotist or a certain affirmation is wrong or not to your taste then you simply wake up out of the trance.

3: Nobody can hypnotize me, I'm too strong minded

It is certainly difficult to hypnotize someone who does not want to be hypnotized, but on the other hand why would he or she even bother going to see a hypnotherapist or to buy a self-hypnosis Cd. If one wants to enter a trance then it will be done, it just takes a bit of practice depending on each personality. More often than not, a strong minded man will enter a medium trance quite fast because his subconscious mind is urging for this sweet relaxation and total peace.

4: What if I never wake up

It has been known, but very rarely that the trance state is so pleasurable that the subject does not respond to the words "wake up" and or refuses to wake up. In this case the person will simply sleep it off for an hour or two and then wake up normally.

5: Hypnosis only works on certain people

About 9% of the population can reach a deep trance, while 5% of the population cannot reach a trance because of certain factors such as being too young, or having a mental disorder. Most adults can achieve a state of trance, some very deep while others are medium, and this is perfect for making positive changes. 95% of the subjects using hypnosis as a therapy have achieved positive progress and success.

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