Seduce Men

Dating and Seduction using Advanced Hypnosis

This program by Paul Clinton will teach you how to react, behave and communicate while dating. You will also transform your subconscious mind to help you to automatically give off the correct gestures and expressions, while at the same time being able to read and judge other signals, enabling you to react with the prefect tone of voice, the correct speech, and facial expressions for each type of man.

Some men are put off by dominant women, while others may be attracted to a strong character. This program is advanced and may take various sessions to fulfill your goals, but most women experience a massive boost in confidence and self-esteem within a couple of days.

I am so confident that this program will help you seduce men that I will give you full guarantee. So far, not one unhappy client. This program has been developed after years of trial and error, and intense study, so I believe that this system is the best in the world, and with such excellent value, taking in mind, that you will not only become an expert in dating, but also for making friends, influence people in business, passing an interview, and all types of social events.




1. Attract Men
2. Gestures
3. Sociability
4. Self Esteem
5. Flirting Confidence
6. Self Worth
7. Self Love
8. Shyness
9. Charisma

Inductions - Mins

Rainforest 20m
Paradise Beach 23m
Riverboat 18m
Lighthouse Spa 14m
Garden of Peace 8m
Space Voyage 23m
Scary Tunnel 6m
Bootcamp 11m
Sahara Magic 32m
Flying Clouds 20m

Our Price 29.90 €

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