Self Esteem

Boost your Confidence & Self worth with Hypnosis

This Mp3 program will help you to boost your own self love, and to become confident, relaxed, and outgoing in public. You'll boost your social life, and reduce any type of shyness.

This program will increase your self esteem and self worth. Includes advanced highly effective hypnotic trance inductions for confidence and self love. Soon you'll be feeling so pride of yourself and your qualities. You'll be looking back at your life in a more positive way, remembering all your good points, your experience, and everything you did right. You'll easily ignore and forget the negative emotions, and bloom through your day with your head high and your shoulders back, full of self worth and value. You'll soon just know that you are a special person, worthy and impressive. After listening to this program you'll start to forget any negative feelings and see yourself stronger with more confidence. When you look into the mirror you'll start to love your image, a person with charisma, and self esteem. You'll feel much better in each social occasion, mingling with friends and strangers, slightly extravert and popular.





1: Self Esteem
2: Sociability
3: Confidence
4: Self Worth
5: Self Love
6: Shyness
7: Charisma

Inductions - Mins

Rainforest 20m
Paradise Beach 23m
Riverboat 18m
Lighthouse Spa 14m
Garden of Peace 8m
Space Voyage 23m
Scary Tunnel 6m
Bootcamp 11m
Sahara Magic 32m
Flying Clouds 20m

Our Price 29.90 €

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