Hypnosis for Singing

Boost your vocal range, tone, and flow

This special mp3 audio program will teach you how to warm up your vocal chords before each session, and then give you that extra inspiration and motivation for practicing with your voice. Self-hypnosis is probably your best tool for learning how to sing like a pro. Your subconscious mind will absorb the new exercises and sounds like a sponge for you to sing with better harmony and tone, to impress friends and family, and to have the confidence to sing in public. Instead of trying to sing with your chest, you'll be learning the importance of using your diaphragm muscles and using your abdomen for breathing. This mp3 self-hypnosis download is suitable for advanced singers and for beginners. Soon you'll be singing with better flow and style so that your voice becomes attractive and beautiful.




1. Better Singing
2. Lip rolling
3. Warm ups
4. Confidence
5. Shyness

Inductions - Mins

Rainforest 20m
Paradise Beach 23m
Riverboat 18m
Lighthouse Spa 14m
Garden of Peace 8m
Space Voyage 23m
Scary Tunnel : 6m
Bootcamp 11m
Sahara Magic 32m
Flying Clouds : 20m





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