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The key to unlocking your potential intelligence and memory is by using the advantages of your subconscious mind. The conscious mind has very limited capacity, while the inner mind can store and recall trillions of data per second, and in fact imagine how powerful is your brain's "hard drive" when it can remember events that have happened 20 years ago and even describing in such detail such as the types of smells, colours, what type of clothes and even how one felt at that moment.

This study program will help you to boost your memory and intelligence and have a stronger desire to study. You'll look forward to opening up your books, and checking facts online, while your brain will store information like a sponge.



Memory peg-words
Memory Booster
Speed Reading

Inductions - Mins

Rainforest 20m
Paradise Beach 23m
Riverboat 18m
Lighthouse Spa 14m
Garden of Peace 8m
Space Voyage 23m
Scary Tunnel 6m
Bootcamp 11m
Sahara Magic 32m
Flying Clouds 20m


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